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Good Trouble Wedding Band

Bands 2, 3, 4, & 5 Piece

At Good Trouble Wedding Band NI we are well aware of the many considerations the Bride and Groom will have when choosing the perfect wedding band to suit their wedding Guests and wedding venue. Good Trouble Wedding Entertainment NI are one of the only wedding entertainment service providers in Northern Ireland that can provide as a 2,3,4 and 5 piece wedding bands. It is important for the Bride & Groom to take into consideration when booking a Wedding band the size of the function room & also the size of the stage area. Many small two piece bands can be lost in the large ballrooms of the modern wedding venues. It is important to be aware the quality of the sound system a wedding band is using another reason why if is important to check your wedding band out before booking. Good Trouble Wedding Band NI only use the best quality sound system and lighting if it is a two piece Wedding band or five piece wedding band we insure the wedding stage looks and sounds radiant and exciting.


Two Piece Wedding Band

Less expensive and ideal for the smaller wedding. Most two piece wedding bands will use full karaoke type backing tracks which work ok if you don’t mind the lack of musicians. Though it is important to point out that not all two piece bands use karaoke tracks.


Three Piece Wedding Band

Ideal for most occasions with a decent sound system. A three piece can keep down expense and yet that extra musician can fill out the stage area and provide extra vocals & backing vocals and instrumentals to fill out the room. Sound is versatile and spontaneous to change between different styles of music.


Four & Five Piece Wedding Band

Great for big venues and mostly include the addition of drums which gives that full band appearance ironically most four piece bands do use backing tracks. Bands with drummers by their nature will use two a hour set list which leaves them a little restricted and a little less versatile and require much longer set up time than two or three piece bands.


Big Band

A select choice no doubt very glamorous and great to jive and swing to great for the big ballroom would sometimes be part of a two band package where a smaller more versatile would finish off the night with DJ (Good Trouble Wedding Band NI do not operate as a big band but can provide one on )


Wedding DJ Northern Ireland

Wedding DJ

Good Trouble Wedding Entertainment NI over the years have built up many important contacts & links with other outlets and services in the wedding sector especially DJ’s. Very often we require their services for many corporate functions mostly we use the services of DJ AlfabeatsĀ from Derry city there are occasions where we would have to call on the service of other DJ’s if the need arises. We can also supply a DJ only package not only for weddings but for pub and night clubs also.

Good Trouble Wedding Band NI also provide stage sound and lighting and entertainment to all private and commercial events i.e. Wedding fyres, Wedding Bridal shows, Wedding magazine award shows etc.