Ideas and Advice

Things to consider when booking wedding entertainment

When enquiring about Wedding entertainment for us it is important that we relay to the Bride & Groom exactly what we can and cannot do and where possible we will do our best to accommodate the wishes of the Bride & Groom and make them happen. After 18 years preforming at weddings & functions if requested we can certainly offer complementary advice by way of explanation of how it all works and how things are likely to unfold on the day.

Band and Stage

Many peoples perceptions are that a backing track band are mainly for small weddings and the larger bands are for the larger weddings. This is not necessarily the case. It really comes down to the sound systems. The PA determines the sound if the bands system can accommodate the larger venue and crowd regarding sound & lights and you are happy with the wedding band then go for it. Of course a larger band will always look better on a big stage and no doubt add a little more glamour to the party but the well equipped two piece will do the same job sound wise. Also it is not necessarily true to assume that all small bands use backing tracks and large bands are live. A huge majority of top four & five piece bands are using backing tracks so it comes down to the numbers on stage and what size of band you think is suitable.

All due respect must be given to a good tight live band, but weddings are all about entertainment and that is why we at Good Trouble Entertainment advise if it’s a two piece or a five piece check the Wedding band out before you book, if your entertained and you feel comfortable with the band members then go for it.

There’s no doubt the wedding band can make your wedding day one to remember. Most bands will have a tried and tested program that starts off the night but it’s what happens if the programs don’t work a lot come down to the front man and the versatility of the wedding band. For the Good Trouble Wedding Band it’s all about versatility, getting involved and being prepared to make it happen and making the most of the opportunities that present themselves on the day.

Great value, Easy set up, continuous music, no messing about with additional PA etc. also flexibility with times (always the popular package).

I know most DJ’s would beg to differ and at the risk of losing a few DJ friends I have to say DJ only packages do not work with a mixed age crowd for the Good Trouble Wedding Band DJ’s only relate to the young pop fan but is an ideal way to finish the nights entertainment. I suppose the best possible piece of advice that Good Trouble Wedding Band NI can relay to everyone who are deciding on a wedding band for there big day is to book the Good Trouble Wedding Band.

Good Trouble Wedding Band

One for the Bride & Groom to choose very often the first dance can reflect the style of the Wedding, it can be a country ballad, a rock ballad, slow pop tunes, swing jive and some couples just want to rock n roll from the start but whatever the choice we will accommodate.

One for a little thought as with the first dance the cameras & video will be on record and with the bridal party on the floor it’s important to choose a song that all feel comfortable dancing to.

On occasion some Brides & Grooms would request a Father & Bride dance or a Mother & Son dance and very often have it as a third dance but if more suited this dance can be done at anytime throughout the night.

We are more than willing to accommodate the special songs choices of the Bride and Groom and their wedding guests we will slot them into the program at suitable times throughout the nights entertainment although it is important to remember that it is the Wedding bands job to keep the Wedding guests bopping on the dance floor so consideration must be given to the dancer.

For anyone that knows the Good Trouble Wedding Band you will know that we’re always up for the party. We have found that party props are a great way to bring a wedding party to life. Introducing inflatable guitars and a few wigs can have a strange effect on some folk! Good Trouble Wedding Band NI make a point of having props at hand encase the need arises.