About Us

Good Trouble – Northern Ireland’s Premier Wedding Band

Formed in 2006 with the intention to bring entertainment back to private functions (Weddings, Birthday party’s etc) after splitting from the grasp of the entertainment promoters in 2004 Gregory Donaghy felt there was a need for bands who are employed to perform at weddings and private functions to give a little more when preforming at the private party and fall away from the generally excepted and sometimes boring programs of the typical songs and dances that many bands were using to entertain wedding guest etc… the Good Trouble Wedding Band realised that time has moved on and wedding couples rightly expect more for the money than the dance or the don’t dance attitude adapted by most bands. The Good Trouble Band recognise a wedding band must be able to adapt and have the versatility in their programs to change the type of music to keep people dancing also recognising the important of being prepared to get involved with the guests i.e. parties, games, props etc!

Good Trouble Wedding Band are one of the first band to introduce the Band a DJ package making entertainment more affordable by cutting out separate fees and having a all inclusive package now in 2014 the Good Trouble Wedding band has raised the bar again moving with demand the Good Trouble Wedding Band has introduced many additional packages not only for wedding but for all kinds of private and co-operate functions and events have a browse through our website hopefully it will reflect your desire to have the best party ever! One that all your guest will be chatting and commenting on, long after the big day has gone!

The Band Members

Greg Donaghy – Lead Vocalist / Rhythm Guitar

Greg Donaghy

Front man, vocalist rhythm guitar, studied music at NW London school of music vastly experience in all areas of band entertainment started performs at the early age of 14 fronting rockabilly, rock, pop and country bands best known form the years spent with UK’S Millennium show band and with UK & Ireland, top function band BLAZE working for top music promoters Class Acts entertainment & Two city promotions Belfast/Dublin. Now an independent entertainer & events promoter.

Aaron Donaghy – Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals

Aaron Donaghy

Lead guitar/vocals young energetic talented lead guitarist joined the Good Trouble Band in 2011 like all good lead guitarist brings that vital energy to the show a talented vocalist and a great asset to the backing vocals.